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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 2, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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will see you monday from boston. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. the battle for ohio is on in earnest. president obama and a governor romney barnstorming the state of ohio today, a swing state, with 18 electoral votes that could be the key to victory tuesday. four days before we choose who will lead the nation for the next four years, president obama making an outrageous claims about his record in the face of a rise in the unemployment rate today, which had just under 8%, is higher than when the president took office. >> our ideas were tried and tested, and they worked. their ideas were also tried, and they did no work done so well.
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lou: 23 million americans to remain out of work might disagree. the national debt has risen by more than $5 trillion. the nation's economy, it is all but stagnant. this has governor romney running l as the candidate of change. >> accomplishing change is not just something i talked about. it is something actually done, and we need to have someone in the white house who cannot just talk about it, but do it. lou: the most recent poll of ohio mirrors those tight national polls. rasmussen reports showing governor romney tied with president obama at 49%. nationally the dead heat can be seen across a white canvas of polls. the real clear politics bulbuls has the two men separated tonight by a mere tenth of a percentage point to. the rasmussen reports daily tracking poll has the race at 48%. the abc washington post tracking
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poll shows the governor taking a one point lead after trailing by one yesterday. those of the two most recent national polls. and while the polls are tight, they are not always accurate or indicative of the of come. either candidate could win this election by a sizable margin, if you consider a sizable margin to be two or 3 percent, perhaps, regardless of what these polls are saying today. one group or demographic, like independent voters, could swing the election in the waning hours of the campaign. and what should worry the obama campaign with their race so tight that you can hear is quilt is not the unraveling cover-up on been gauzy or a bust response to a major east coast hurricane. what should worry the obama campaign is that this race is all about the economy, his record, and responsibility where the unemployment rate and in
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this economic recovery now stand. voters simply trust governor romney more on this most important issue. let's reveal -- that is revealed in poll after poll. a new "washington post" poll shows governor romney turning the economy around. with an 11-point lead as well, and to america trust more to work with both parties in congress. so to give this election does turn on the economy, governor romney has, perhaps, an edge going into the election's final hours. we will take up the election, which way the swing states we will breaking key demographics with former bush chief of staff and campaign savant karl rove. retired navy admiral james lyons joins us. he says the american people deserve to hear the truth about pin gauzy, and it is time for the president to come clean. he joins us live tonight. not only the president in question, the balance of power in congress to be decided. and that is the subject of
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tonight's start talks. joining me now, former deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush, karl rove. fox is a contributor. good to have you with us. you have said from the outset that this would be a tight race. did you really expected to be this tech??3 >> the -- that is hard to say, but it will be tight. this will not be settled until the wee hours of wednesday morning. maybe sometime wednesday they will finish counting the ballots, but it will be very tight. lou: and in your most recent op-ed in the "wall street journal" you said it is all about the numbers. amongst the numbers you put a run the victory by two or three percentage points. are you updating that here tonight? are you still convinced of that margin? >> i still think it will e close to that margin. i do think there was an impact on this race to my subtle impact. let's go beyond the polls.
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let's start looking at the actual turnout. the key for me is ohio. it. lou: all right. i love it. >> there we go. 547,000 democrats have voted early or cast an absentee ballot early or have requested an absentee ballots compared to 470,000 republicans. democrats traditionally out in votes and republicans carry election day. for example, four years ago 712,000 democrats that voted early cast an absentee ballot. 372 republicans. already there are 70,000 -- excuse me, 90,000 more republicans that have voted in four years ago. 165,000 fewer democrats. that is a swing of 2,603,000 away from the democrats in toward the republicans. guess what, obama's margin was 262,000 in no way, most of it fueled by a huge turnout in early voting, and that he lost the election day voting to make
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romney. so this is not a good sign commend i have been watching this trend for a week. the margins are getting bigger. on tuesday it was 150 some odd thousand. now it is larger than what obama won the state by a in 2008. this is a bad sign for president obama, and we see it reflected in the polls as well. if you take a look, allup says 15 percent of the people had voted early. they were breaking for romney by 52-46. this week to reports 19 percent of those surveyed said they had voted. a break for romney by 50-43. obama won the early vote last time around, according to puke, by 19 points or was winning at this point by 19 points and now he's losing it by seven. that is more than enough to flip the election. lou: two things, if we can go back to your board, immediately apparent command one is that there is a 5-4 margin if i read correctly, democrats over republicans in the early vote in
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2008 that ratio was over two times -- two times. >> almost two to one. and we are talking here about less than a 5-4 margin. we are talking about 98,000 difference on the base, and this number will continue to grow. there will be probably, the republicans are probably going to narrow that gap between the two to somewhere around 85 or 90,000 votes. and i repeat, on election day is a starkly that republicans have carried the vote, even when president obama was winning the state in 2008, he was losing the election they vote. and these republican numbers are a sign of the ground game in ohio that is strong. the young guy who is running it, scott jennings, he used to work with me at the white house. he told me in early october they had busted through all of the metrics of that massive operation we had in 2004. they locked 175,000 doors last saturday.
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they have knocked on over $2 million, made over 6 million contacts and will have 3 million by election day and probably somewhere in the vicinity of eight to eight and a half million contacts which is huge. lou: i have asked you a number of times over the past months about the republican ground operation, ground game for the republicans up against -- teenine not being entirely stochastic about that. it is a strong ground operation that the obama campaign has put forward your. the strongest, some would argue, ever. are the republicans, in fact my going to be able -- we see the intensity, the polls saying that the republicans we will turn out in greater numbers than democrats in these polls. to the republicans have a ground game to assure a follow-through to a polling booth? >> i don't have the same kind of affirmation blow i had in 2004 to tell you, but the political
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director of the campaign, the romney campaign, a veteran of the 2004 bush operation. he is a fantastic person, focused, disciplined, his counterparts at the national committee, chief of staff, the political director, they have focused on this and little else. in ohio they're doing a fantastic job. florida looks like a tremendous job. north carolina, virginia. wisconnin, we know what kind of job they're capable of doing because we saw it in the scott walker gubernatorial race earlier this year. same people, same fountain to -- same phone centers. the other battleground states we are seeing as well. one of the reasons the republicans are going into pennsylvania, the state party chairman has done a terrific job with a massive ground game in the state of pennsylvania, same in michigan. the state republican chairman, 23 phone centers operating, humming and a presidential election year level in a state that has not drawn until recently much advertisement.
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now some of the outside groups are moving in, including crossroads, a group i am associated with. and part of the reason, looking at people like show stack in michigan and what the michigan gop has done and probably some of pennsylvania, and the republicans are pounding away on the ground game. we will see how well it does on election day. lou: real quickly, the economy, jobs, is that going to be the determinant issue? >> sure. and all of it is complexity. jobs, you know, it's going to take at the current rate two years to get back to the level of employment that we had when we went into the recession. in the meantime we have built up a seven year backlog of people who are trying to get into the workforce. it will take 20 some odd years to get back to the same level of manufacturing jobs we have in this country when we went into the recession. inadequate growth. people know in their bones, worried about the deficit, the debt, they don't like the affordable care act. another country to be more prosperous and growing in a much
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more rapid pace. we have an anemic recovery. lou: and we have noticed. we appreciate you getting this to the economics, as well as the politics. let's hear it. governor romney going to win ohio? >> i believe he will. these numbers, lots of conflicting polls. two things that break it for me. nine of 13 of the last polls show romney winning independence you don't lose ohio if you are winning independence, and second of all, these early vote numbers are strong as it and acre of garlic and we say in texas. lou: thank you for being with us. appreciate it. thank you for bringing your strong texas language. it feels like home. >> there we go. lou: much more on the final stretch of the election and what's to -- what to expect from both candid it's as that day approaches. hurricane sandy aftermath. five days and, and tempers are flaring. frustration is building as gas
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lines grow longer and longer and longer. grocery store shelves are going bare, and s.i. is growing desperate. the balance of power, governor romney calls for change and bipartisanship in the nation's capital. who will actually control the senate and the house? we take that up in tonight's choctaw. i know the name of eight princesses. i'm an expert on softball. and tea parties. i'll have more awkward conversations than i'm equipped for because i'm raising two girls on my own. i'll worry about the economy more than a few times before they're grown. but it's for them, so i've found a way. who matts most to you says the most about you.
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possible side effects include headac, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. other serious stomach conditions may still exist talk to your doctor about nexium. lou: the final jobs report before the presidential election showing little progress made during the president's first term. we will take that up with former congressional budget office director, douglas holds a can in just moments. in that the moneyline, the economy created 171,000 at jobs last month, good, but not good enough. the unemployment rate rising. concern on wall street about economic growth coupled with anxiety about an election that is now four days away, pushing stock prices lower on the day,
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the dow down 139 points, nasdaq down 38, s&p lost 13. a broad based sell-off, declining stocks, leading advancers by about 2-1. volume slightly heavier than average. a storm-shortened week of trading as well. markets closing monday and tuesday. markets ending the week virtually flat with the dow down 14 points, lower for a second straight week. the nasdaq, a fourth weekly loss down almost six. s&p bucking the trend of two 1/4 points. crude oil prices also moving lower, under pressure from a rising dollar, an anemic economy, and unexpected lower inventories. down more than $2 on the day. crude oil lower on the week as well. third week of losses, and i enjoyed by douglas holds a in the former cbo director, now the president of the american action forum. good to have you with us. i cannot tell you the number of
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radio stations and news outlets that are just ballyhooing these numbers. your reaction? >> welcome want to the rise did not surprise me. the decline last month was a fluke, and it was inevitable that we see the number go back up. i think the interesting thing for me was in light of the real declines of business confidence, the fact that business investment was negative in the third quarter and that capital orders goods are down i was afraid that job creation will slow from last month and not pick up, and the surprise was that it did not. you know, this is, to me, like a good, solid single in the game where the american worker has over 20 runs down. it's great, but you don't want it to be too happy about this. lou: and it is interesting, the number of news outlets, as i said. they had everything going but the pompoms. and i think we all wanted the best possible results. this certainly does not approach the quarter of a million jobs earlier this year when we
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thought this might turn out to be a happier progress toward prosperity and the year has turned out to be. you mentioned in come. we know now that over the course of this presidency in come, household income has dropped by almost 5 percent in this country people are going to feel that far more dramatically. 23 million people unemployed, underemployed, or giving a being employed. put this in the context of the election. first, do you believe, as do most, that the economy still will be the number one? and cover romney has made a strong enough case to have independence, particularly break his way in the final days of this campaign? >> i think we know from all the polling that when you ask people the most important issues they say, number one, the economy, number two, jobs. with the as which candidate is equipped to handle those issues, governor romney pulls strongly ahead. that is the top issue. he is in position to take
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advantage of it. once again today we saw the achilles heel of this recovery. not just jobs but the fact that for those who have jobs, as you mentioned, incomes are not rising. in today's report average hourly earnings decline, average weekly hours go down to muzzle the combination is week which will hurt the president. the people who have jobs are going to decide, this is not good enough. lou: we appreciate you being with us. thank you. up next, a new timeline of events in the september 11th attacked in which four americans were killed in benghazi. the timeline, by the way, provided to us by the cca. admiral james lyons on what he calls the ban does the the trail. we will talk with him in just moments. is it possible that senator harry reid made no longer be the majority leader? could nancy pelosi return as house speaker? those are among the questions that we will take a look at in tonight's talk talk from the balance of power.
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♪ >> you know that if a president is reelected, you will still be unable to work with the people in congress. he has ignored them, attacked them, blamed them. the debt ceiling will come up again, and shut down and defaults will be threatened. lou: governor romney today living out his case that unlike president obama, he will work with the opposite party if elected president. in response to that, senate majority leader harry reid had a very quick reaction. he said, mitt romney fantasy that senate democrats will work with him to pass his severely
7:24 pm
conservative agenda is laughable . [laughter] obviously harry is a little bit of a problem in washington. but what will the congressional balance of power look like after the election? first, let's take a look at the house. a total of 200 -- 345 seats here . and 218 need for a majority. and the fact of the matter is that according to party politics , 108 of those seats, 170 are leaning democrat, 178 dim. and to 24, 224 republican. thirty-three are tossups, so the fact of the matter is the house is a done deal for the republicans. it is a safe bet the republicans will continue to control the house. it is a different deal in the senate. thirty-three seats are up this cycle. thirty-three seats, and
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democrats hold 23 of those, 23, so they are the most vulnerable in this election. that is what you are so much about how the republicans will to control the senate, but that was about six or seven months ago. well, according to a real clear politics 46 of those senate seats are, in fact, simply leading democrat, 46. forty-six seats, and the republicans have 43. considered safe. eleven, 11 are tossups, a 11. and look who they are. of those 11, five are against incumbents. let's go through them. we will give massachusetts to the democratic challenger, elizabeth warren right now, doing so, not calling or suggesting that this is the way it will end, just going to the example here. based on those who have more than a three-point spread in the polls. elizabeth warren with a four and a half point advantage over the republican incumbent, scott
7:26 pm
brown. we are going to give missouri to a democratic incumbent clear macassar. a five-point lead and republican challenger congressman tom vacant. montana, montana remains a? being severely tested. he is the incumbent, and he is tied with the republican challenger. we are going to give nevada's other republicans here tonight. the incumbent with a three and a half point lead. he just got over the threshold. democrat shelley berkeley. and five are going to be given in ohio to democratic incumbent brown up to ivan f. points and republican challenger jon mandel. now, the open races, we go first to arizona, and we are giving this to the republicans. real clear politics is not have an average, but led the democrats by six in the latest poll. so for our purposes we are giving it.
7:27 pm
we will give connecticut democrat chris murphy with a four-point lead on the republican. as you can see, it is a difficult science. we will be following the basic, outside the margin medicare. and in indiana, another question mark. real clear politics does not have an average. the democrat is leading the republican in the latest press be simple, but by only three points, and therefore it remains a question mark. north dakota, we are giving it to the republican. over five and a half lead, close enough to call six on the democrat. and then we go to virginia. a question mark. democrat tim king has a 01-point lead on the republican challenger george allen. in wisconsin another? democrat jimmy baldwin has a half of a percent lead on the republican.
7:28 pm
so if we give the democrats plus for, plus four, and plus 34 republicans, the fact is it gets kind of interesting. we are now at 5246. excuse me, 49. forty-six. forty-nine, and we have a really kind of interesting battle as hyper partisan as, well, harry reid can be, it looks like he may be a fixture in washington of a fixture in profit washington. so it will be kind of interesting because the republican controlled house will remain republican. so now ittcomes down to one question, who is going to be president. these guys spend most of their photo op digress letting each
7:29 pm
other on a great job. what did they do after that? millions remain without power. gas shortages in new jersey and new york. food shortages as well. are you kidding? four days until election day, president bill clinton stumping hard for the presidents, or is he? listen to this. >> i may be the only person in america, but i am far more enthusiastic about president obama. lou: here to analyze and translate president clinton's curious comments. no answers on been gauzy, but by golly, we have a timeline now. another day, another story from another source. the obama administration refusing to talk. stonewalling the media for eight weeks right into the election tuesday. the former commander of the pacific fleet says it is time for the obama administration to come clean.
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lou: we want to bring you first up today on the death toll from hurricane sandy. it has risen to 92 people in ten states. almost 4 million homes and businesses without power. five days after the hurricane slammed into the east coast. by comparison, when a half million without power in the south five days after hurricane katrina. some relief for those in manhattan, new york city mayor michael bloomberg promising that most of the burroughs power will be returned by midnight tonight. but any progress on that front has been severely undercut by long lines again -- attestations the new york governor saying he signed an executive order waiving a requirement that fuel tankers register and pay taxes
7:34 pm
before unloading insisting his order we will help get gasoline to consumers faster. it is estimated that two-thirds of gasoline stations in new jersey and new york are not in business right now. however, it is little comfort for people stuck for long hours in long lines to with no guarantee that they will get gas at the end of that line. but some people, at least some are beginning to dry. this is a very serious and frustrating matter for literally millions of people in this region. turning now to benghazi, almost two months after the terrorist attack that killed four americans, the cia has released a new timeline, a timeline of its actions suggesting it played a larger role in trying to save those four americans. my next guest says it is time for this administration, this president to come clean. my guest is admirable team of admiral james lyons, retired commander of the u.s. pacific
7:35 pm
fleet. i want to turn to that deadline. tuesday, election day, the eight week anniversary of the attack. now we have a timeline from the cia. your thoughts about both that timeline and the timeliness of it. >> well, i have looked over the timeline. of course, at least certain things out. for example, we have resources which were not utilized. one that we utilized in the past is having a jet aircraft fly over, which could have flown over the consulate in in full afterburner. it would have scattered the crowd about as valuable time and, perhaps, maybe save some lives. the second thing was that it citronella. it was 130 man marine force a recall and units that was fully equipped and ready to go.
7:36 pm
i am told that the general never received any orders to execute. lou: let me explain. force rica on his special operations group, really warriors in the marine corps. and they were in italy and within two hours to specify. >> approximately within two hours we could have had a jet aircraft over within an hour. lou: and the idea that this time one was released, i don't know that anyone other than the administration at this point has blamed the cia for any part of this. it has been a question and an issue of the decisions not to seek military support, a question of being told to stand down as reported. this is a peculiar response on the part of the cia.
7:37 pm
>> well, it is. it is also peculiar why we never have tried to secure our consulate. that could have been done immediately. much information could have been protected, possibly even more lives saved. what is questionable is the cia's role than the director of naval intelligence role and the bogus cover-up story that this was some reaction to a spontaneous mob woman in reaction to the video which nobody had seen. lou: as we listen to the white house tell the american people that this was about to a 14 minute video and that upsets some people in the region moi bella absolutely. they talked about the fog of war as the reason for not making decisions, but that there were
7:38 pm
so confident they could say and get away with saying. how can it be stepped up and say wait a minute. we can't have this kind of nonsense going on the president of united states himself addresses the american people. >> well, unfortunately from my perspective the office some of the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. it was never the intention to politicize the office of the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. political correctness has infected, unfortunately, all of the major levels of our military leaders. but there is another point here, which is overlooked. that is, the cia was tracking
7:39 pm
for months the commander of the terrorist group that carried out the attack on our consulate. lou: the organization in benghazi. >> correct. and i find it incomprehensible that they had no clue that this attack was going to occur, particularly when her to the consulate on 16th of august put out a security message to the department of state telling them about the out of control malicious heavily-armed roaming throughout eastern libya. they cited ten malicious and groups that they said they had no fear of retribution from libyan government because the libyan government had lost all control in eastern libya.
7:40 pm
the consulate had no confidence in the 17 and february martyrs brigade who were assigned responsibility for the consulate protection or the local police force. half the time the local police force would not even show up. lou: admiral, as you know, and the previous month, in july, the british ambassador had been attacked. the red cross had been attacked, and the united states was the only western power with presence in benghazi and precisely because in the deteriorating security environment, that is they knew there would be attacked if they stayed there. remarkable. we thank you for your time, appreciate. i hope you will come back and we can continue to analyze what is happening here. we appreciate your time. >> look forward to it. thanks very much. lou: up next, outrage erupted in
7:41 pm
new york. frustration, and tempers flaring. and because the mayor had decided that the new york city marathon would go ahead, even as services, basic services were being denied hundreds of thousands of new york residence. well, that has changed. there won't be a marathon. end of next week, former united nations ambassador john bolton joins us. @%arles schwab chief investment strategist, and election day lineup of all stars. so be with us. next, a shocking report on the union election spending. say it's not so. that's next. ♪ i'm a conservative investor.
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7:45 pm
devastation and the sense of betrayal felt by residents from s.i. and other parts of new york s.i. a also known as new york city's forgotten borough. >> fed up. fed up. this line, that line, what are we? is this america. >> no food. lou: -- >> he was trapped. >> know where to go, no clothes. >> people here are still hurting. they're still looking for people. it's crazy. >> note to -- nothing has been done here. >> you have no gas, nothing. >> thirteen years. i lost it. lou: s.i., with a marathon would have begun before the mayor called off, several hotel owners also he owns the hilton garden inn, they were turning away paying guests who were running in the marathon so that they could house those who have been displaced by hurricane sandy. i cannot tell you how much i respect them and thank them for what they did. the hotel owner explains his decision to us this afternoon.
7:46 pm
it. >> if you would be in my hotel now and look at the people that are in my lobby who are begging me, please don't throw me out. please don't make me move because i have no place to go. people yelling and screaming that they had reservations. only one guy that was not so nice to me. i said, why don't you turn on the f-mtv. lou: the death toll stands at 19. that number is expected to rise3 as officials are still going door-to-door in search of homes. one of the nation's largest unions emerging as the top vendor on democratic campaigns. according to the federal election commission, the service employees international has been $69 million on the nation's, television ads, and get out the vote efforts for president obama and other democrats. $15 million nearly 54 million spent by priorities u.s.a. that is that fund that worked
7:47 pm
directly to re-elect the president. they should be ashamed. p.s. i you i suppose should be proud. ohio's secretary of state joining officials in texas and i will warning international election observers could be arrested on site if they are seen near a polling place in their state. conservatives are hacked off that the 150 international observers have been sent to polls across the country, invited by a number of civil rights groups, including the naacp who says there is an effort to suppress minority at the polls. the group sending the observers, the organization for security and cooperation in europe insisting its people will not interfere or influence elections in any way. some american officials are not taking any chances and guaranteeing that they will not. well, let us pause for a moment to consider what the mayor of somerville, massachusetts, has done. getting -- for getting america is the land of the free, including jealously protected --
7:48 pm
protection of our first amendment rights, the mayor of the small city, 76,000 people in massachusetts has decided to outlaw the word illegal in connection with the phrase immigrant. they don't want to upset anybody. i said immigrant and illegal in different phrases. we don't know what he thinks it should be instead. we do know, the mayor has just made support illegal illegal. up next, it is an all-out battle for ohio. both candddates campaigning today. can the election be one anywhere else? the "a-team" will have answers. lloyd webber, an islamic allow one next. ♪
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♪ lou: joining me now, the
7:52 pm
"a-team," author, political commentator, republican strategist, fox is political analyst, former schumer advisor, fox is contributor. well, let me start with you. these are sort of magical words for the right in this country. romney saying today, and four days i am not going to just take office, i am going to take responsibility. >> and someone needs to. we need true leaders in this country. obama gives greece beaches, but we have not had a true leader. we have had a politician in the office, a campaigner and chief. now we need a commander in chief. lou: angela is looking. [laughter] >> i love and love. i think those are aspirational words. unfortunately he is going to be proven wrong on tuesday night. i don't see very many paths to victory. we talk about the polls, but i don't see him winning in ohio, and i don't see him carrying enough of this is to be elected. >> if he does not win ohio, he
7:53 pm
could take wisconsin, nev., and colorado. >> absolutely. lou: the unemployment rate today was supposed to be a big number for the presidents, for governor romney. it turns out to be really neither. >> it was not a game ginger today. and certainly with what was going on this week, with sandy, with christie and romney having that and greenberg's -- blumbergs endorsements, slightly diminishing what happened. at the end of the day the economy is moving slowly in the right direction. the question will be on tuesday, quickly enough? >> you have had the unemployment rate actually go up. and in the black community you are still in double digits. the latino community is still in double digits. >> so upset they're giving him 0% of the vote. you know the -- lou: are you mocking the black community. >> absolutely not. ethier doing the right thing.
7:54 pm
lou: doing the right thing. >> the policies that brought us into this mess. lou: we will find out if it is the right thing. we will be back with the "a-team." black women actually watched their unemployment rate rise by three points in this president. why is that the right thing? the first answer that question. we will come right back. catatal one venture miles for a golf getaway. double miles you can actually use... but mr. single miles can't join his friends because he'gettinhit with blackouts. shame on you. now he's stuck in a miniature nightmare. oh, thank you. but, with e capital one venture card... u can fly any airline, any flight, any time. double miles you can actually use. what's iyour wallet? alec jr? it was a gift. ♪ [ male announcer ] they are a glowing example of what it means to be the best. and at this special time of year, they shine even brighter.
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anyone we are in. black women in this country say they should feel that this the unemployment of black women is really soaring. >> it's not just all black women come in all people. lou: excuse me, i did not give out all people. and i'm following on your statement about. >> i'm quoting the proponents of the evidence in the polls. they are saying, you didn't cure cancer or cannot, not, i'm going to vote for cancer. the republicans put it in this mess. obama is slowly getting us out. lou: doesn't make you feel cloudy to know that he shared his velocity? >> all i know is that the financial times called america
7:59 pm
the greatest in the world right now. they have done the best of all the countries. america is the bright spot. americans think that. >> unfortunately, lou, that romney has not let us know how he can create a better than transamerica. unfortunately, you have some people that are not going to vote conscience. they are going to vote color. some blacks are wednesday to protest because this president has not been good for us be one well, it looks it's pretty clear. it wasn't going to be a tight election. i'm not sure we should be so confident exactly what demographic we are talking


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